Holiday Gift Guide Review: Timex Watches #review #sponsored #timex


When I got contacted to do a review for Timex, I am not really sure WHO was more excited between David and myself! David has these things that he always seems to "collect" I guess is the word- hats, knives,and watches too! I have several watches that I have saved from when I was younger and a few I have gotten randomly over the years but I personally have gotten out of the habit of wearing a watch! I think that a lot of people might be in that boat in this day and time because I have gotten in the habit of just using my phone- even though I have some really nice watches. David still wears one, especially when he is working because they aren't supposed to have a phone out at work for pretty much any reason (he works in heavy equipment so it makes a lot of sense safety wise you know?) He also has alarms set on his watch to help him remember when he's supposed to go do different things at different times of the day(and i'm sure he's got one set for lunch time and quit time too ha … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Nonni Biscotti #review #sponsored


I am sure that many of you that have followed along over the years, or any length of time know that I have this really huge love for reviews of snacks and anything food related! Sometimes when we have been between checks and whatnot these items have really helped us out more than you can even know! I also do like trying new things sometimes - I know I have that whole I am a picky eater thing going on but I keep telling you all it isn't as true as people make it out to be! I generally do choose more Savory things as snacks for me personally but David even though he doesn't admit it that much does love sweet things and it isn't like I HATE them. I actually have another review in my que that I could very well write this same intro for lol. Anyways, when I got the chance to review biscotti from Nonni Biscotti I was like hmm that sounds like a great idea. I had never even had any before, and I thought it would be something unique and different for me.. I mean I do indulge in sweet … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide Review Streaming Right Along with the Roku 4 #review #sponsored #roku


Ever Since David and I got married in June of 2007 we have pretty much either watched tv by either watching tv series on DVD's, or by some means of streaming service. I know it sounds funny looking back but we didn't even have the internet believe it or not when we first got married- and even when we did finally get it (after I got sick and tired of going to the library for only 1 hour a days worth) it was still dial up! I have always been one of those people who say I could def. live without tv vs the internet- but that is mostly because I depend on my internet for my tv! We have at a few points had cable (and a very disastrous satellite experience at one point) but our cable we can do month to month- which the last time we had it I know that for the last 2 months we had it, it was never turned on! We were trying to catch our billing cycle and cancel it at the right time and it was a pain! Streaming options now a days are so multiple that we really don't have any reason to have … [Read more...]

The Pioneer Woman Holiday Collection 2016 Available at Walmart NOW! #sponsored #review #pioneerwoman


I admit I didn't really know anything about The Pioneer Woman until last fall when I saw her dishes coming out at walmart and I fell in love with them. I had followed her on Facebook and everything but I didn't have any of her cookbooks and hadn't watched her on t.v or anything like that. When I saw her dishes and cookware though I started paying more and more attention and I quickly started collecting them! I have pretty much anything she has came out with including brand new set of dishes(plates/salad plates/bowls/glasses/coffee cups) to the knives , napkins,rug,placemats and everything in between. Oh and all of her cookbooks except one! My husband calls her the other woman in his life, and frequently says he has spent more money on her than he has spent on me ha ha. I def. have plans to buy several other items that I haven't yet, all in good time though :) I didn't realize that this fall there would be a Fall collection coming out and there would also be a Holiday … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide Review: Wine Fridge from hammacher schlemmer #review #sponsored #holidaygiftguide


  If you have been reading the blog for any length of time, you likely know that I am a huge fan of Wine! I have actually started doing a little bit of "collecting" - I have been doing that with the "hard stuff" for quite a while but now I am trying to evolve that a little bit :) David and I had for a while been saying I needed a wine fridge to properly store my wines in, but it wasn't something that I had figured I would get anytime soon- and I was right it has been several years since that idea had popped into my head, but with getting some wine this summer when I went on a trip, and wanting to keep some of my moms wine on hand it was a little more on my radar because I don't have that much cabinet space! A really random thing about me? Usually in the past I haven't been one to drink my wine cold- I have been used to drinking it at room temperature or sticking my corksicle in it- or even the horrible sin of adding ice to my drink in the past (don't worry I … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide Review: Crane USA Digital Tower Fan #review #sponsored #craneus


It might be technically Fall- my favorite of all seasons, here in the South - but we tend to not feel it till it is almost "winter" and it doesn't last too horribly long either :(!  I mean we have changed temps a little bit from 100 in the shade to more like somewhere in the 80's- 90's ranges for the most part and got a little bit of dreary going on a couple of days but it still just doesn't scream Fall! One thing I am glad that I have invested in in the past was a ceiling fan but when we moved to this apartment there wasn't the option to do that sort of thing, and of course they didn't have any to start with either. We finally had purchased a fan for the bedroom because it does help with helping me sleep. I had hoped we could get one for the living room as well so when I had the chance to get a Crane USA Digital Tower fan I was pretty well doing cartwheels. I had actually taken to hanging out in the bedroom in the early afternoon because for some reason between 330 and 5 I tend … [Read more...]