Holiday Gift Guide 2017 Review: Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick #ad #sponsored #review #sandisk


  I have pretty much been a girl that liked tech-y kind of things since I was first on the internet when I was in about 4th grade (about 1994 or so) We only had internet at school and I really didn't know a whole lot about it other than we got email from my teachers daughter who was away at school and that was pretty cool - she would let us check her email and stuff! When I got to be in about 6th grade or so I remember we used to get to learn about going online and such but it still wasn't a really big thing and it was limited to just when I was at school and such. We didn't get a computer at home until I was in 9th grade , and of course we got the internet and I thought it was the greatest thing ever. Pair that in with finding out you as a individual person could have your own site and for free (hello geocities right? ) and I was just over the moon. I can remember I was the first person in the family that had the internet actually and I might be the only one that … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide Review: The Sleep Styler #ad #sponsored #review #thesleepstyler


I always say I have been known for my hair, more than anything else in life!  When I was in elementary school I had VERY long hair and of course it was naturally curly and just a hot mess honestly! It was actually long enough I could sit on it!  Of course, I was a child of the late 8o's and early 90's with a hair stylist mother who had no one else to experiment on as well so.. I had some crazy looks,lets just say! Luckily I was young, didn't really care too horribly much and I grew up before social media and digital images were a thing (though, there is some evidence in random pics and school pics/yearbooks). My hair has been used to identify me in a crowd at more than one event, including my high school graduation- and that wasn't really my choice because I had every intention to use hot rollers to tame it, but my grandma unplugged my rollers for some reason and I had to just wear it natural and hope and pray that it would behave! Ever since I was out of high school I have … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide Review: Hard Candy Fragrances Pink & Black #ad #sponsored #review #hardcandy


You all know how I have a reputation of being a picky person? Well- I do not know where this comes from, lol- Eh I know I am a picky eater according to some (hello allergies, religious preferences from when I was younger, and then everyone has things that they don't like!) I guess there are other things that I am picky about as well, but one thing in particular are scents, especially when it comes to body products! I think a lot of people are like that though- generally I won't even try anything new, and I don't like scents in lotions at all, even if it matches whatever body spray I am using! I had the chance though, to try out Hard Candy fragrances, and I can remember always seeing the ads for Hard Candy  when I was younger and always wanting something of theirs but for some reason never had anything of theirs(Crazy right?) I figured they would be worth a try! I didn't even realize that they were exclusively sold at Walmart so it is is even more crazy that I haven't ended up with … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide 2017 Review: Taffy Town Salt Water Taffy #ad #sponsored #review #taffytown


As you may or may not have noticed, David and I are going on a trip to Myrtle Beach next month! I haven't been to the beach since like 1999 and David hasn't been since before that, so we are looking forward to it greatly of course- even more so since it will be our first trip to the beach together as well, awww! The very same day that I got confirmation of my hotel and had sat everything into motion I got an email about reviewing something that was so related it was so ironic: Taffy Town Salt Water Taffy! I was like you talk about meant to be right? I hadn't had salt water taffy for a long time. I know you can usually find it randomly at the stores around here but that has kind of always been one of those beach things for me but when I was browsing their site and saw all the awesome flavors I knew I wanted to work with them- and we can always get some taffy while we're away too if we want to, but I don't think we'll be needing any, because all together I received 5lbs of taffy … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide 2017 Review: VivaJennz Wine Purse & Glasses #ad #review #sponsored #thefunisundertheflap


Ya'll probably gather I am a fan of wine if you have poked around any on the blog, read any of my social media profiles or even over there on the side bar under my picture it says so :)I have wrote several wine reviews here on the site over the years (and other alcohol ones- but mostly wine ones) and even reviewed a couple of accessories over time. Goodness knows I love my wine fridge I got last year more than words can express! Another thing that I LOVE that kind of always has been one of my little "things" is purse. I think I have mentioned this before- I used to play a game with one of my uncles girlfriends called"pocketbooks" and I don't know what exactly it involved but I remember it by name!  I also have always been known to rarely ever leave the house without a purse! I have tubs and tubs and even a few boxes and big tote bags full of purses- I used to change at least once a week when I used to go to school, but now I am lucky if I change them once a month because they aren't … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide 2017 Review: Batiste Dry Shampoo #ad #review #sponsored #Batiste


I guess being a girl with naturally curly hair, it seems my hair has just always been a big thing in my life. When I was a little girl I had hair so long, that for the longest time, that when it was wet I could actually sit on it!  Of course, I have pretty well always fought with it as well- and I try to keep it straight as much as I can! I have a few other hair product reviews coming up so I won't get too much into that right now :) My biggest thing is has always been on keeping my hair straight- you can't really get it wet, obviously, because it will curl right back up (humidity is fun/rain/taking a shower all that good stuff!) I also tend to go at least several days at a time with it straightened that way I don't over abuse it (I did that at one point and almost burnt a big chunk of hair out actually- eek!)So in other words- I sometimes just don't feel like my hair is that fresh!  Especially now that for some reason my hair likes to feel a little bit greesy/oily- which it never … [Read more...]