Nightgown overhaul needed!

I don't browse a lot of sites online as far as for shopping purposes. I mean, it's just best that way when you don't have a lot of money you know? One site that I window shop at quite regularly is Eden Fantasys, because well.. they are so generous to the bloggers out there! I decided a few weeks back that my nightgown collection is seriously needing some attention!  I know I said that before but really? It needs a makeover like yesterday!  I am down to wearing like the same 2 or 3 when I do decide to wear one! I always wanted to be "fancy" I suppose and wear a nightgown like everynight but most of the time I just put on a t-shirt or something of the sorts. Some times I get into the habit and wear nighties for a while, but most of the time not. Maybe if I had some new ones I could get on board and feel fancy huh? Eden Fantasys has a nice collection of nightgowns , but a lot of the ones that I really like are sold out right now! Not to worry I'm a patient person and I will be … [Read more...]

February Again..

I  cannot believe that it is FEBRUARY again!  For last year to suck as bad as it ended up sucking, February was one of the best months I ever had. I mean valentines day, I don't really remember too awful much about, but My birthday is also in February! I haven't really had what I would consider an awesome birthday since I was like 7, but I thought last years was pretty awesome!  I guess no matter what February has always been my fave month of the year (followed by september of course) I also got engaged in Feb of 2007. So, I guess February is a month of Celebration in my world! I am determined to have an awesome one again this year, and maybe a valentines day that I can actually remember and a awesome birthday, thanks to Eden Fantasys! I seriously just adore going there to browse and buy awesome goodies to make myself feel good! You all know my favorite favorite things to get over there are massage candles and such! I don't think you can have too many, however you might have a … [Read more...]

Winter Cleaning & A Little Money too thanks to eden classifieds!

I am really trying to get myself in gear and clean out a bunch of stuff that I am not using and can't wear and all of that good stuff. I will def. be stopping by eden fantasys and listing a bunch of goodies on the classified section over there! I know i'm always rambling on about the eden classifieds, I know...But I have seriously had such good luck with selling things on there! I have sold not only a few of my adult items, but I even sold a set of beats audio headphones that david and I had got and neither one of us ended up liking them.(I am not big on ear buds to tell you the truth. the only ones I can really use are the ones that come with ipods) With it being said that I Have had a lot of good luck selling there, and it isn't half as annoying as what craiglist is to me and.. oh don't get me going about ebay either, I know that you have to be cautious when you are selling things online. I Have been lucky when it comes to selling and buying online, but I guess there is … [Read more...]

Oh, Holidays!

Ahh, The Holiday season is upon us! I haven't done much to get in the spirit just yet. I don't know why, but the older I get the less I really tend to get into the mood I guess!  I have sent out all of my cards, and I have had a few start to trickle in. I also decorated outside a little bit. As far as in this house.. NOTHING! I am almost sure if I were to put up a tree sam would put in the floor lol. I might decorate the kitchen table with a snowman cloth and some table mats though. As far as shopping,well I really don't have much to get done. I have been looking on Eden Fantasys though, of course! They have put together a nify Holiday Central Gift Guide section with lot's of categories to choose from such as For  him, for her, for couples, for a friend, gifts under $50,beauty and body, gift cards and even holiday themed and make your own  gift set! Eden Fantasys has plenty of options to choose from, that don't necessary scream an "Adult" item. I know that at thanksgiving I … [Read more...]

Relaxation in the Holiday Season, With Eden Fantasys!

What would you think would make up your ultimate evening of relaxation? when i start thinking of what mine would be like, I immediately think of Eden Fantasys ,because I know they have so many awesome products that can help you relax! This time of the year with holidays and such coming up, I can bet you are going to want to want to take some time to yourself /with your significant other and just enjoy yourself/one another. For my ultimate evening of relaxation I would love to start out with a glass of wine and some relaxing music, and then take a nice warm bubble bath. Eden Fantasys has a excellent collection of bubble bath and related goodies! Then I would want to put something really cute on and feel pretty while spending a little chill time watching tv with the hubs, without interruption from my phone or working on something online. good old fashioned quality time together :) Later on I would like to have a massage with some of my massage goodies such as with some of my jimmy … [Read more...]

Buy.Sale.Trade. It’s all at the Eden Fantasys Classifieds babies!

With all the stuff that has been going on with me the past few months, I have a definite need to come up with some extra cash! Normally i'd go bananas and clean out everything in the house and have a yardsale.. but I really don't have the energy for that. So, my new best friend is Eden Fantasys! I know that I have written about their classifieds section before and I have had some success with using them in the past. I have stuck to trying to sell out some of my adult items because after 2 years of collecting and reviewing I have built up quite a collection. I like to clean things out so that I can have room for more things in the future. I have had a bit of success with selling things individually and even sold a huge box of 25 items just to clear out room. I know that I have some big items that would probably sell quite well, but to ship them would be a pain in the you know what! I have saw a few items over time on there that aren't even adult items like cameras and such. I … [Read more...]