The better way to get your 50 shades! Eden Fantasys!

I know that I have wrote about Eden Fantasys and the Fact that they have a 50 shades of grey section before. However, I failed to mention that they actually sell all three of the books in the series as well! I have to say, I had some difficulty finding these books myself as, I am in the Bible Belt in the south, and well.... I guess you know how that goes? As in OMG here is a naughty book that is referred to as "mommy porn" lets make it difficult to get! I already had the books on my kindle but, I also wanted to have actual copies! I know that some people have been able to find them at walmart, and such..Not the case around here...had to go to target! I wish I would have been able to buy them online because I don't know why, but I was a little bit embarrassed to buy them in person lol. Since I have purchased my books I noticed our Walmart does have them but it's almost like you are buying ACTUAL porn they are wrapped in shrink wrap. The gal in me that hates censorship wants to … [Read more...]

Lipgloss & Bath Obsessions

One of the biggest obsessions I have had since I was a young girl are bath and body goodies ..not so much beauty products because I don't wear any make up or anything like that...I Hardly ever even wear nail polish. I have just always been a natural type of girl! I have a huge collection of lip glosses, body washes, body sprays, and all that kind of good stuff. My collection takes over the bathroom cabinets, a huge basket on the back of the toilet, the shower( seriously it gets pretty dangerous in there at times lol) Various shelves and drawers in the hallway as well. It is clearly taking over one bottle of body wash at a time! I am really happy also, that Eden Fantasys carries a very good amount of these type of products for me to be able to indulge myself every now and then on goodies that I might not rush out and buy on a whim. I probably have all of the lip gloss and body wash a person could ever possibly need but...I keep on collecting. I also have a large collection of … [Read more...]

Beauty Goodies 20% Off at EdenFantasys!

Remember a few months back when I told everyone I bought a ton of bath goodies and such from Eden Fantasys? Including that shower hat that I am obsessed with? (I seriously wore it over my straightened hair at Great Wolf Lodge during Reviewers Retreat!) That thing is probably my favorite purchase ever and i'm going to have to order a few more for the future. They are so much more better than wearing one of those cheap shower caps that are like a plastic bag over your head...especially like when i'm at my moms and she gives me one of those plastic bowl covers to use. I think I might even end up getting one to take over there!(Yes, I still gush and could go on more about it if I wanted to lol) I was browsing over at Eden Fantasys a few minutes ago and discovered that they (of course!) Have several more nifty body items that aren't sex toys , and that right now they are 20% off right now. I saw a few things I hadn't saw before including a roll on perfume which seemed pretty nifty to … [Read more...]

10 years of Eden Fantasys!

You Might have noticed before now but Eden Fantasys is celebrating their 10 year anniversary! I have been acquainted with them for only a little bit over 2, but I think that it is amazing that they have been around for so many years! A lot of the companies I work with here, and even on Grits-Reviews don't last more than a few months in the grand scheme of things! Especially in the world of Adult Retail & Sex Toys! Eden Fantasys has a lot of things going on for the celebration of their big one zero! They have 10 different gifts that you can get for free with various amounts that you spend/ certain items that you purchase. Tie all of that in with the regular free gift that you can get with any purchases and you could easily get 3+ gifts just with a basic 40 buck purchase! The freebies range from things like a beach towel, to lip gloss and even t-shirts and calenders. A wide range of goodies to choose from is always a good thing! I know that I am looking forward to diving in and … [Read more...]

50 shades of Grey & EdenFantasys

I am not going to sit here and lie to you all!  One of the main reasons that I haven't been updating so much here the last week or so is because I have been absorbed in 50 shades of grey! Yes, the "dirty" series that is all the rage right now... I am begging that people understand that I didn't get obsessive with the hunger games or twilight or anything, so give me a little credit! Not only have I read the entire triology one time already, I am currently working on reading it over again! Also, I have made a board on my pinterest called "laters baby" and got my mom to make me a christian gray tie necklace! that sure was a fun one to explain! I was browsing at EdenFantasys and discovered that they have a little section on there dedicated to 50 shades of grey! I was pretty excited about it! Not only do they include sex toys but they also include a few massage items and other goodies that are appropriate with things that are mentioned in the book! i received a gift card from … [Read more...]

Edenfantasys has a wedding gift guide/registry!

Many of you might know that on June 17th of this year I will be married to David for 5 years! For an annotated version for you: We met in January, Got Engaged in Feb, And Married in June of the same year! Crazy huh? :) Something we didn't take the time to do was to make a gift registry anywhere! I wanted to but I know how my family just kind of asks around and finds out what you need and/or gets you random things they thing you might need. They don't follow lists very well! Plus with the way we worked there wasn't really any time for something like that. I recently discovered that EdenFantasys has a section on their site called Wedding Shop: Sexy after ever which serves as a gift guide for newlyweds. It has a option for you to make a gift registry/ wish list and also sections with gift guides including for the bride, groom, couple, and a section for sexy lingerie! I thought that the selections for the gift guide was fairly broad and if you were the type of person that wouldn't … [Read more...]