The awesome shower hat I got at edenfantasys!

I decided to spoil myself rotten a few weeks ago with some of my edenfantasys gift cards I had saved up! I went bananas in the Princepessa beauty section of the site! I pretty bought 1 of most everything that was in stock lol. I couldn't seem to explain to David why I was so drawn to their products except the fact that they are pink! I actually did get ONE item that could be considered an item that I needed and that was the princepessa shower hat! I hate using those cheap plastic ones, and my really awesome vinyl like one got stretched out and won't fit me anymore. Then I had bought one that turned out too small ! I love this shower hat! it's pretty & pink and it looks really fancy. It is made pretty well too, with the satin on the outside and some very sturdy plastic on the inside! I have to wear a shower hat because when I straighten my hair, my hair would go bananas as soon as I hit the shower thanks to the humidity! So, now I can protect my straightness and all is right as … [Read more...]

Yeah, I still write about EdenFantasys here :)

So you all know I do dabble in the "adult" world of blogging, even though I have moved the actual sex toys and goodies of those sorts reviews to another domain entirely so that this is a more family friendly type of site (Even though, when I think of it, that does sound silly...a family friendly blog? the only type of sites I'd probably go to online with someone in my family would be a social networking or gaming site .. anyways.. lol) One retailer that I decided that it was safe enough to still continue to write about on my personal domain was EdenFantasys! They are so much more than your adult retailer with all of their bath goodies, body goodies, and so much more. Edenfantasys is a actual community with all kinds of ways to interact and hey, did you know you can even earn POINTS for your actions over there that can be cashed in for gift cards? You even get points for simple actions like logging in and searching for items! I have cashed in several points as giftcards to help pay … [Read more...]

Free Stuff with Purchase @ EdenFantasys!

Who Doesn't Like free goodies? (I doubt there are many hands raised lol) I personally LOVE freebies, whether it is something included with a particular purchase that I am going to buy or if it's just free in general. On EdenFantasys they even kick it up a notch... You can PICK from several different items with any purchase amount! I have gotten a couple of the free items including a t-shirt (I am pretty shy and since it does say I Like things that go VROOM I wouldn't be one to wear it in public! However, it is pretty daggone comfortable about wearing around the house and to sleep in!one of the softest shirts I have came across! I have also gotten the EdenFantasys tote bag which doesn't embarrass me in the least to carry in pubic!  It has came in handy for me many times! it's pretty durable as well! There are also 2 other options for you to choose from if you check out the Free Gift with any purchase page. They are pretty good about updating these choices from time to … [Read more...]

Eden Fantasys & Massage Goodies=a peaceful me!

Everyone knows I have horrible trouble sleeping, but lately that I have been doing so much better, because I made david start giving me massages on my neck & back every night before I go to sleep. I discovered the whole massaging helps me thing one morning when he was massaging my head before he went back to work and I went back to sleep like normal people would, instead of laying there forever and ever! I am always on the lookout for things for massage purposes now! I know I tell you all the time about how EdenFantasys has so much more than the standard adult items that people think of when their mind goes to adult,and it's true! They have a good amount of massage goodies like massage oils and candles which I am most def. interested in! I have been using lotion and even baby oil durring the time periods that I haven't had actual massage candles or oil, and they just aren't as good. Baby oil is just so...greasy? and lotion doesn't seem to soak in very well. So I am very much … [Read more...]

Eden cafe: get gc’s for writing about almost anything

You might not be able to tell, but I absolutely adore writing. I might get an occassional writers block, but in general it is something I like to do. A good place to write and get "paid" for what you write is a part of EdenFantasys network of awesome sites, called Eden Cafe. I have wrote a few pieces for them including an article on body image, a couple of posts abut me back in the day, and one about being thankful. I haven't wrote in a while, but I plan to maybe get started with it again in the near future. I know that since I have been "away" so to speak they even have a option to make short videos! If you can tell where i'm going with this, it is that you can basically write about anything you want, and get a giftcard for it! You don't have to write about sex by any means! It is also a really good place to go read things when you might not have anything else to do ! They however do not accept actual reviews of sex toys, because of course there is the review program/ … [Read more...]

Eden Classifieds Rock

Recently EdenFantasys added a new section to their site that is totally rocking my socks! They added a Eden Classifieds section.Most of you know I am always trying to sell something another, for some reason or another, especially recently with the tiny bit of money troubles because of unemployment(Grr). On Eden Classifieds you can list anything that you want to sale! It doesn't have to be a sex toy! I have saw ads for shoes, purses and even hoodies. I have listed headphones, and even a old cell phone I have laying around. Of course I have several toys listed, and even have put up a section for if anyone is looking for anything in particular they can let me know and if I have it and we can agree on a price i'll send it their way! As a side note,I really need to come up with a actual list of items too! I am really trying to clean out my collection since it is taken over my closet! There are also options to post things that you are looking to buy,Trade,Events and Services! … [Read more...]