Eden cafe: get gc’s for writing about almost anything

You might not be able to tell, but I absolutely adore writing. I might get an occassional writers block, but in general it is something I like to do.

A good place to write and get “paid” for what you write is a part of EdenFantasys network of awesome sites, called Eden Cafe. I have wrote a few pieces for them including an article on body image, a couple of posts abut me back in the day, and one about being thankful.

I haven’t wrote in a while, but I plan to maybe get started with it again in the near future. I know that since I have been “away” so to speak they even have a option to make short videos!

If you can tell where i’m going with this, it is that you can basically write about anything you want, and get a giftcard for it! You don’t have to write about sex by any means! It is also a really good place to go read things when you might not have anything else to do !

They however do not accept actual reviews of sex toys, because of course there is the review program/ ambassador program for those sorts of things!

Their site is very clean and easy to navigate, and I think it’s a great place to interact with others!

For more info on writing for Eden Cafe, Check out their site! If you want to read my submissions check out the nifty author feature on the sidebar and look for Nichole…:)


Eden Cafe

I was provided a giftcard from edenfantasys in exchange for my thoughts ideas and opinions.