10 years of Eden Fantasys!

You Might have noticed before now but Eden Fantasys is celebrating their 10 year anniversary! I have been acquainted with them for only a little bit over 2, but I think that it is amazing that they have been around for so many years! A lot of the companies I work with here, and even on Grits-Reviews don’t last more than a few months in the grand scheme of things! Especially in the world of Adult Retail & Sex Toys!

Eden Fantasys has a lot of things going on for the celebration of their big one zero! They have 10 different gifts that you can get for free with various amounts that you spend/ certain items that you purchase. Tie all of that in with the regular free gift that you can get with any purchases and you could easily get 3+ gifts just with a basic 40 buck purchase!

The freebies range from things like a beach towel, to lip gloss and even t-shirts and calenders. A wide range of goodies to choose from is always a good thing! I know that I am looking forward to diving in and getting them myself!

Another really neat thing is that they are offering free shipping on orders $25+ instead of the normal $59! So ..if you are looking for some nice goodies it would be a great time to check them out!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

this post was written in exchange for an giftcard for edenfantasys.com but all opinions and ideas stated are my own. your thoughts opinions and experiences may vary