Lipgloss & Bath Obsessions

One of the biggest obsessions I have had since I was a young girl are bath and body goodies ..not so much beauty products because I don’t wear any make up or anything like that…I Hardly ever even wear nail polish. I have just always been a natural type of girl!

I have a huge collection of lip glosses, body washes, body sprays, and all that kind of good stuff. My collection takes over the bathroom cabinets, a huge basket on the back of the toilet, the shower( seriously it gets pretty dangerous in there at times lol) Various shelves and drawers in the hallway as well. It is clearly taking over one bottle of body wash at a time!

I am really happy also, that Eden Fantasys carries a very good amount of these type of products for me to be able to indulge myself every now and then on goodies that I might not rush out and buy on a whim.

I probably have all of the lip gloss and body wash a person could ever possibly need but…I keep on collecting. I also have a large collection of massage goodies and candles that are simply divine.

One thing that Eden fantasys has that I would like to have is a dual shower head so david and I could take showers together sometimes! I don’t think it would work in our old fashioned tub though!

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Eden Fantasys Provided me with a gift card in exchange for this post on my honest thoughts opinions experiences and ideas! These thoughts opinions and experiences are my own, yours may vary!