February Again..

I  cannot believe that it is FEBRUARY again!  For last year to suck as bad as it ended up sucking, February was one of the best months I ever had.

I mean valentines day, I don’t really remember too awful much about, but My birthday is also in February! I haven’t really had what I would consider an awesome birthday since I was like 7, but I thought last years was pretty awesome!  I guess no matter what February has always been my fave month of the year (followed by september of course) I also got engaged in Feb of 2007.

So, I guess February is a month of Celebration in my world! I am determined to have an awesome one again this year, and maybe a valentines day that I can actually remember and a awesome birthday, thanks to Eden Fantasys! I seriously just adore going there to browse and buy awesome goodies to make myself feel good!

You all know my favorite favorite things to get over there are massage candles and such! I don’t think you can have too many, however you might have a lazy hubs that doesn’t want to give you that massage! I have such a husband right now, and i’m going to have to give him a serious talking to, because massage is directly related to me getting deep sleep, and I have a really really aggravated muscle in my neck too (I guess twisting it in my sleep that one time really wasn’t a good thing at all!)

I hope everyone has an amazing February! I know I’m sure trying to myself!
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