Buy.Sale.Trade. It’s all at the Eden Fantasys Classifieds babies!

With all the stuff that has been going on with me the past few months, I have a definite need to come up with some extra cash! Normally i’d go bananas and clean out everything in the house and have a yardsale.. but I really don’t have the energy for that. So, my new best friend is Eden Fantasys! I know that I have written about their classifieds section before and I have had some success with using them in the past.

I have stuck to trying to sell out some of my adult items because after 2 years of collecting and reviewing I have built up quite a collection. I like to clean things out so that I can have room for more things in the future. I have had a bit of success with selling things individually and even sold a huge box of 25 items just to clear out room.

I know that I have some big items that would probably sell quite well, but to ship them would be a pain in the you know what! I have saw a few items over time on there that aren’t even adult items like cameras and such. I might try to list some of the purses that I don’t want anymore (if any exist lol all know me and my purses!) I actually even sold a pair of beats headphones on there that david and I didn’t like.

I also like to look around and see what others are looking for that way if they are willing to offer a fair price/it’s an item I have..then I can contact them and work out a deal!
So, if you are looking to sell or buy or even trade something.. Check out the eden fantasys classifieds!!

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