It is getting time to think of Holiday Decorations!


Not only is it almost my favorite time of the year, the fall, but that means it is getting closer and closer to the winter Holiday’s! In my case that means Christmas! I also didn’t celebrate Christmas from the time I was 2 years old until I was in 6th grade (long story short= my religion was close to Jewish so we didn’t do Christmas!)

Anyways, Christmas has always enchanted me since even before I got to really celebrate it! I think that my favorite part of all isn’t even the presents, but I think it would be a tossup between being with the family and of course the Holiday Decorations! There are so many different options!

I know each year I try to go with different colors/themes. I know one year we went blue & silver and white (that was the first year we were married!) One year we did reds and greens, and My dream is to go with purple and pink and maybe a liter shade of blue one year! I love my tree because we got it the day I had one of my cervical cancer procedures. It is a short little tree and it is a white one. Somewhere I also have a ton of handmade ornaments that some of my mom & my friend made that we haven’t got to use yet! I also know that somewhere another there is some of that purple and pink stuff that I want to use.

Another theme is I want to go all out with gingerbread men one of these days too!

I know my mom doesn’t really get into doing a tree since I am not at home anymore, and I haven’t put one up in a few years because of Sam! I am def. planning on getting one up this year to take pictures of, even if I take it down right after! My mom usually puts out a christmas village in her living room though on her coffee table and it is really pretty.

My grandma pretty much does these red birds that we make fun of because they are old as heck,I don’t know it has became more like a joke than anything! Keeps it fun for sure!

I also am always interested about mini displays all around. I do ornaments in jars, beanie babies in my shopping cart,etc I have even been known to tie string on the stair way to hang my cards. The year that David & I stayed with my mom and dad I put garland all over my door and had all my cards taped to it!

So, there surely are so many awesome options for decorating for the holidays! What are some of you favorite ideas and themes? Please share them with me, you might inspire me! I am sure you will see me writing more holiday inspired posts this year!