Google Reader being Replaced with RSS


I am an old school blogger, Which I know I mentioned before! I also have mentioned that I learn something new almost every day especially thanks to my girls at be-society!

When I go around to visit a website, I pretty much just click a link in my favorites, or in my minions section or what not. Well, what I have learned is there is something called google reader (even though I am told that it is going away! It was similar to RSS which I have used before, but not very regularly!

I know when it comes to google there are a million and one things that I am not familliar with and have never heard of! I am having to update my old school ways and learn about the new tricks of the trade so to speak.

A friend of mine described google reader to me as Triberr, in the since that you have a feed to go to, but you can read everything right there all in one place. Also, it has been described to me as web based and now browsers have the capabilities to do the same thing. Kind of like you use different tools to check your email like Outlook.or Gmail!

I did some checking into it, and the google feed did look like it was a fairly good idea, and I am not sure as to why they are getting rid of it! It also looked fairly easy to set up, and to add the button to your website as well(so you could subscribe to the site easily!)

As far as RSS goes I have used it in the past, just isn’t something that I ever got into the habit of. I did like it when I used it and have considered getting back into it! This post kind of inspires me to check it out again!

I do find it interesting that after google took a way the google feed that it seems like RSS got more popular! The people who loved google reader really liked that they had the ability to read a whole blog post and not just a blurb! Some things don’t make sense even to me!


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    I for one am gutted that they retired Google reader, I rely on that to keep track of all the blogs and sites I follow 🙁 finding a replacement that I like is proving difficult with so many people not showing the full post in rss feeds.