SEO Infographic: Because showing up in search engines is important!



When you have a blog, one of the most important things that you have to do, is make sure that your site is Search Engine Optimized(SEO).  I mean, if you have a website you want to make sure when people search for you on the search engines you show up, or else you are going to loose out! I know from experience that I wasn’t showing up on google for a long time, and it probably has had some negative effects on my site!

The odds are really low that someone will ever come to your site by searching if you don’t show up in the first page of results. It is possible but the deeper they have to dig to find you, the less chance you have of having them come to your site.

SEO can be as simple as using the right keywords in linking to different things in your blog posts, and creating good content!  Doesn’t that sound easy enough? Why go through the hard work of having an amazing and awesome and maybe even pretty site if no one will see it, or even more, maybe people are seeing it, but you don’t bring in new traffic?

When it comes to a business who participates in a SEO Campaign, the results are pretty awesome!