Wintertime in Boone..Give me my hoodies and sweatpants STAT!


Here is one of those posts where I kind of leave the present, and paint you a picture of Nichole’s days gone by. Sort of.

Back when I was going to move to Boone, NC to go to Appalachian State, I hadn’t really “lived” in the mountains in the winter since I was 4! I live in a pretty mild tempatured area where we don’t really see a lot of snow, and where we think it is cold when it is below like 50 or so!

I packed accordingly when I arrived in January 2005 though!  I had heard the rumors of how cold it got and I wasn’t taking any chances. Plus all the snow and wind (that was for you Jason!) Honestly I have heard that Boone even has gotten snow in every month except July. Being a true old timer one of my fond sayings is “It will snow before halloween” in regards to the fall semester!

Anyways, I had lots of cute gloves and coats, and my mom even bought fleece and made scarves for me! The staple of my collection though would have been between sweatpants and hoodies! That is all I ever wore! I have always loved hoodies, I have a huge collection of various styles and colors and prints. I like the idea of having larger ones where you can totally burrow…and I have some that are really thick, some that are in the middle and some that are then. Variety is nice!

One of my funny stories is how it started to warm up around spring break and I took ALL of my thick coats , hoodies home to my parents. When we got back it turned cold and we got an ice storm. All I had were thin jackets and I like to froze to death! I had to get my mom to meet one of my boyfriends and send my hoodies with him! It was a good thing too, because it stayed cold for the next several weeks after that!

I also like to tell people when you go in walmart up there it might be 50 degrees and sunny but you can come out 5 minutes later to 3 inches of snow and it being like 30 lol.

I really do miss those days!