Buying a laptop


It has been a few years since I got a new computer (*sniff*) and I am truly itching to get a new one! My laptop is awesome, it is white, my favorite brand..but it is almost 4 years old I think! The battery won’t hold up very long, so it has to be constantly plugged in. The thing that bothers me the most though, is that I believe that the screen is starting to go out. I have a weird line that changes colors and also comes and goes…and changes size every time the computer is on! Sometimes it is there, sometimes it isn’t!

Other than that it has held up very well, with not problems. I am almost afraid to say that, because it is almost like you put it out there, that there aren’t any problems..and BAM here comes something to totally screw it up!

I have several things that I consider before I buy any type of computer (and believe me I have had my share over the years, several laptops, 2 netbooks and 2 desktops)

If things go well I will be updating mine in the near future hopefully! I don’t know I just love the fresh start of a new computer!

Here are a few things I look for

first of all I want keys that aren’t easy to come off! It is hard for me to explain, but I don’t like when you can barely slide your fingernail under them and they raise up! I lost my X key because of that one time. Which is funny because you think well x would be unimportant? not when you go by xxpollypocket every where online!

Color. I hate BLACK. I hate SHINY Black even more. When it comes to electronics I want them to be PRETTY. It is the girl in me. I don’t like common colors like BLUE and RED and SILVER.I want WHITE or PINK or a pattern! My laptop is white, and my netbook is pink plaid.

Harddrive & Memory. I generally like to upgrade them as much as possible at one time.

Price: The best I can get for the least amount

Brand: There are certain ones I LOVE and certain ones I hate. I won’t name drop..but most of you all know who I am loyal to!

There are several other things that I do consider when buying a laptop, but those are some of the main ones. I did find a nifty guide to buying a laptop which had lots of handy information for you to consider when you decide to take the plunge! 🙂