Infographic:How Healthy do you eat?


What do you generally eat for lunch or even in general? Is it healthy? I know that I am generally NOT a healthy eater and even though I love salads I am eating tons of fat because I eat most of the time homemade ranch dressing which I make with buttermilk and mayo which are both total fat! Sometimes I am good and do lite vinaigrette and such! I am getting hungry just writing this!

I wish I could do better, but have you ever noticed that it costs more to eat fresh fruits and veggies than it does to just eat JUNK? Which is really sad!  You can go and get a fast food meal for cheaper than you could buy the good stuff, and I am almost sure that is why we have the problems with a lot of the health concerns in this country! There are so many of them I can’t even begin to name all of them, but you can find a list of them here.

The infographic below brings up some pretty interesting points to consider, like the fact that we eat over 85 lbs of oil and fat in a year..Ugh, doesn’t it sound so gross when you call it what it is and not FRIES or CHIPS…EW! That alone makes me want to reconsider what I am eating, and it is not any wonder I feel the way I do sometimes!


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    I think that if the healthier options were cheaper more people would eat them. A lot of people have a fixed income and sometimes it’s just not feasible to pay as much as you have to for healthy food.