I busted into my money.. and other Ramblings!

Oh My!! 🙂 I have been going to bed by like 9:30 the last few nights, and with the cool weather.. WOWZERS! I Love cuddly, snuggly burrowing-ness! I just hate when David has to get up to go to work

This morning I woke up to this HORRIBLE weird noise which took me a good 10 minutes to gather that it was tuesday and they were picking up our trash!

I forgot to write a few weeks ago on a friday night we were getting ready to go play pool and I was getting my purse/finding a coat and what not and David had the door open.. he’s like HOLY BIRDS and i’m like HUH? so I walk outside and well got a surprise!

We have a HUGE house right beside of our apartments, that has been split up and made into apartments. You can tell it was someone who had lots of money’s real house back in the day type deal. Anyways these “birds” were making a strange sound and swarming like mad and darting into the chimney! Guess what… they weren’t BIRDS they were BATS!!! HOW FREAKING CREEPY! I happened to see them last night as well..OY!

I think David and I are doing our ONCE EVERY TWO WEEEKS GOING OUT TO DINNER thing tonight. He was talking about Cracker barrel, but I don’t know…I am not really feeling it for some reason..I really hate going out to eat through the week unless it is close by because by the time David gets home and we drive 30 min to eat I start feeling sick!

I’m going to TRY to get 2 of my 3 possible classes done this week .. I know I have until Feb 17 to get them done (9 more) but the sooner the better! I CAN DO IT. I know the last few posts I Have wrote I have brought all this vague stuff up when I had done so well with not really mentioning it but.. there are a few reasons it is more of a fresh topic on my mind lately. It should start to fade back to the sunset for a little while at least.

The money situation with David’s dad still hasn’t sorted itsself out 🙁 I am planning to say something about it sometime in the future! I just am trying to pick my moment I guess is what i’m waiting for. David and I did a bad thing and busted into some of the money over the weekend ..I know I know.. we really shouldn’t have done it! after almost 4 months ..with as much as we have saved I guess it wasn’t TOO much of a horrible thing to do.

I know that you shouldn’t use sites like Payday Loans UK unless you are in a emergency situation, but my situation could possibly turn into that sort of situation in the near future if I don’t get enough money saved up. And I think that maybe instead of borrowing money from annoying family members who actually owe you money..well it would be better to borrow from somewhere else!

Well.. anyways.. lol …I am out to maybe try to write a review (maybe.) maybe post reviews at grits?(maybe) and of course be domestic. First off, I’m gonna perk up with some coffee and figure out what I really need to get done!