taking time to say hi durring my net break..


Hi All!

I just wanted to stop by and write a few lines while I had the chance! I have been laying low online the last few days…sometimes you just have to step back and do other things. I sometimes really feel like I spend WAY too much time online. (Oh, and here’s a new one I hadn’t heard of before an affiliate network bundle?)

I have been enjoying working on grits-reviews for the first time in forever. It kind of takes my mind off of things and lets me escape to another place. I never thought i’d say that about grits, but lately it’s my new way to relax

I have been trying to get a few things in the house done, but haven’t really suceeded that much 🙁 Oh well, still got tomorrow right? I am also trying to read more like I used to. that was what I did BO..before online!

I had a really good birthday, and i’ll try to write about it after while. Right now I am going to vacuum and try to post the two submitted reviews to grits…make dinner(No IDEAS) and go tanning. Later on tonight i’m gonna be doing the reviewers retreat twitter party…Then hopefully getting a massage and drifting off to sleep! (oh and try to get some wii fit in there somewhere too? oyy!)

Catch ya latter everyone