New Goodies @ EdenFantasys!

When I write about EdenFantasys on this site, I try my best to concentrate on the non sex toy related part of the site. This time around, they made it extra easy for me, because they just added 3 new categories of goodies! They include bath products, club wear, and Makeup!

You will probably laugh at me, but the part that excited me the most was the Club Wear section. It isn’t because your dear little nichole is out clubbing, but because I NEED new clothes! Seriously I spent most of last week prowling kohls, goodwill and even family dollar for clothes to wear for the holiday!

I can seriously see myself wearing several of the new line of shirts, like the simple sexy top for general purposes.I really like that a few the shirts are LONG and they don’t look like you have to be the size of a stick for them to fit decently around your tummy area as well. You might not realize how annoying it can be now a days to find a shirt with those qualities!

I know some of them are low cut, but in a shirt that is the least of my worries. A funny little tidbit about me? I didn’t have boobs really to speak of until I was pretty well on my way to getting the idea of low cut I like..Since I used to NOT have anything to show off I suppose!

I seriously cannot wait to spoil myself with some of these goodies!
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I was provided an edenfantasys giftcard in exchange for my honest thoughts & opinions