If I didn’t know for sure I was going to get one package in the mail, i’d be back in the bed! This cold is a wicked little devil. It comes …it goes. It is seriously toying with me. Much like T-mobile. It keeps flashing 3g ..HA! I wish…

I am having another yardsale at moms on saturday. her whole neighborhood is having one..(well not EVERYONE but you know what I mean) Her & Dad won’t be home, so it will just be me & david. he will be whining by 11. but it will be ok. any little bit of money i can hord up helps lol.

I have been trying to no end to get my latest review for eden fantasys up. I joined the mentor program so i could get some help, and i’m glad I did! The rough draft I sent in was really..rough! I totally tweaked it, and there are still errors, and i’m kinda like UGH …this is the longest it has ever taken me to get up a review!! But I will work on it some later on and hopefully it will be done by tonight!

David got tickets to a panthers/titans pre game thing on saturday night…it is at 8 pm. He is kinda mad I don’t want to go, but then he kinda already knew I wouldnt want to go! I think he will take his bro, and then i’ll just be stuck at home alone 🙁 (ok well with sammy lol)

Sam is in WILD mood today. he has been all over the place since about 4 a.m. I didn’t go to bed till like 1230. I didn’t sleep well at all. ugh!!

I am TRYING TRYING TRYING to see if I can generate an interest to bring back exquisite message board!! if anyone is interested in helping just let me know!!

ok i’m out..got my package and thinking bout a nap!!i’ll be around to comment too 🙂