The cold I have has good staying power! I swear I thought this evil thing was on it’s way out and BAM here we go again! BLAH!!

Friday was pretty boring, went over to mom’s and priced some yardsale things! nothing too exciting ….

Saturday went and had a yardsale at my moms neighborhood. seriously unless i am hard up for cash this is the last time i have a yardsale there during the neighborhood yardsale! too much competition, and people won’t even barely come down the driveway and look! I made about 33 bucks…meh!

Yesterday slept pretty late, went to eat at ryans, and went to walmart. came home and napped.. and thats about it!!

seriously when a cold finds me and decides to stick around i might as well not even get out of the bed!

right now i’m getting ready to go straighten up what I can and make some dinner. it is some mashed potatoe chicken biscuit thing in a box and I don’t really want it lol…but thats what we have sooo!

hope to comment & visit with you all later this evening while writing some reviews!!

also i have two nice prizes lined up for exquisite when we open back up 🙂