If you haven’t watched my video blog below feel free to do so! and please comment! i would love to regularly do some video blogs (I know that one was long but I covered alot including the wreck I was in on friday)

Monday my Valentines package NEVER came. Thank you UPS…It got delayed or some crap, I don’t even know. David got confused and didn’t read correctly, so we thought it would be here yesterday by 3. Actually it was at regular time, right around 4.

He got me one of those bamboo stalks that is heart shaped. He ordered it from FTD and let me say NOT IMPRESSED with them AT ALL. They didn’t really include any care instructions (I had to google it) and to top it all off that item isn’t available on their site anymore so I couldn’t even find info about it there!

Also on monday he brought me carnations,hersheys kisses and a card. I sold my mytouch 3g slide on monday, so we didn’t manage to get to go out to eat. plus, I was waiting on UPS until like after 6 because we didn’t have any updated tracking info at that point.

Yesterday we went out to eat at olive garden. I am STILL stuffed.

I also sold my EnVtouch that was the replacement phone I had for verizon that I never intended to use.

The reason I sold the Mytouch is that we are still on EDGE network, and That was how I was connecting to the internet. Everyone else in my area (verizon att sprint virgin) are all 3g/4g. Also everywhere else I go except my moms I pick up 3G on t-mobile. They have been telling me that they are going to expand since 2008 and it still hasn’t happened. Plus after I hit 5gb usage last month on a UNLIMITED web plan they slowed my speed. There for about 3 days I was barely online it was even slower than usual. It was bad enough my moms DIAL UP was faster most days anyways.

As far as internet we got the Virgin Mobile MiFi and I am LOVING THIS THING we can connect 5 devices to it at one time..and oh yes 3G unlimited for 40 a month. Yes, Pls?

we are using it through the wii and are getting netflix for 7.99 (first month free) and I’m enjoying hulu and various other places online on the computer 🙂

David plans to get me another phone that has apps /android soon
well i’m out
gonna try to finish a review/write a review and…who knows!
hope to comment u all soon too 🙂