2 p/m and Tuesday

DRlogofor ARHey There Everyone!

Well.. This week is flying by already! I spent yesterday with my mom at her house because I was having one of those “either I get my hair colored or I am gonna cry” moments! I was going to get it colored when I got it cut, but unfortunatley ever since i got older my color doesn’t come up as quickly as when I was younger… so I generally have to sit under the dryer. Anyways, my moms hood dryer is on the fritz and she was going to have my dad work on it but then he had that incident of nearly cutting his finger off ..SO.. lol. Anyways for some reason unknown I actually came up THE RIGHT WAY sans dryer for the first time in years WHEE!

Today was Pay Day and I am waiting to make sure David got the car payment/insurance/aarons paid + check to see if he did get overtime or not where he had to take that one day as a vacation day because according to my mom if you take a vacation day you don’t get your over time pay or something like that and I think she is wrong- anything after 40 would have to be time and a half so.. I guess I will see… We had already decided that we were going to get rid of sprint and then just get something pay as you go, but we thought we had more time on that because I thought our sprint limit was more than apparently what it is- because I woke up to NO PHONE SERVICE UGH! It is o.k because while I am at home I can just use google hangouts on the wifi..and I don’t have plan to go any further than walmart or church so.. whatever.  I would much rather have a car than a stinkin’ phone let me just say lol.

As long as I get to go to the store and we might get to eat out for our anniversary tomorrow I really don’t mind if we don’t get to do anything else. I am still waiting to hear about this one opp and I would love to get the info because if I didn’t qualify I might decide to buy that particular thing so we have something to do on the weekend.

I don’t think we are going to go to my grandmas this weekend but I am not sure. Honestly you know how I am with traveling and I have mentioned more than once I would rather go up on a thursday evening and then get to hang out and go shopping on friday and all that good stuff…Plus David is starting to work Saturdays half days and all that so.. I guess we will see!

I have 2 reviews i want to get up.. and 2 after that and then it looks like I will be free and clear for a good while .. I have a few things in the works for the fall but other than that.. N O T H I N G.. there are few things up in the air but we’ll just have to see how that goes.. like i said there is one particular opp that I am waiting on an answer and it is driving me mad lol. *fingers crossed*

Right now we are having extremely hot weather.. I heard on the news yesterday that we have not had days that were this hot since 2012! that is crazy! I actually haven’t opened our sliding door shades today and I put down the “dining room” shades which we usually leave open for the fur babes.  I would put the bedroom ones down but we kinda have a picture above them and its a pain in the butt. I also tend to break shades so the less hands on I am with them , the better off we are lol

Even though it is hot I think I am gonna grab some coffee and wash some blankets /sheets ..I have white chicken chilli in the crocpot for dinner .. gonna grab a snack and watch some tv.. more later gators