26/31 @thebesociety August Writing Challenge-Millionaire


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I would surely spend that right left and sideways, LOL. I would pay up all of our debt ( I might would have to make up a list of some sorts to figure that out lol). Then I would buy us lots of food and then some grocery store gift cards for in the future. I would pay up our rent and cell phone bills and even insurance for a good long time as well.I would get some new clothes and maybe a couple of new cars.. I would help my mom and dad finish paying off their truck and their house too 🙂 Just anything I could do to help out my family would be a big priority for me!

I don’t even know if it would be possible with all the things in my vast head if it would even be possible to spend all that in a week but I would sure try! I know one thing it sure would be nice to just be working to have something to do (for David) and that way we would be pretty comfy! Heck honestly screw paying our rent here even though I love this apartment , after I think about it I would rather just get our own house lol. Somewhere close by!

Well. That was a fun topic! I like topics that let me day dream for a little bit and aren’t so serious 🙂