31 Days of Summer Challenge Day 7-What is the summer season like where you live? #VerifiedMomBCN


I think you all well know what I am going to say for the answer to this question! IT IS HOT here in the south – I am in the Charlotte, NC region and HOT is our specialty!  This summer is particularly dry- I think we MIGHT have had 3 different rain storms in the last 2 months and only one was actually substantial – now I am outside of Charlotte so it is a bit different than actual Charlotte- I am more up towards the lake but either way I think it is dry all around.

I know that one of the last times I was at my moms getting my hair done- i think it was when I was getting it colored on the news they said that it was the first time we had been 98 since 2012!  and it has really just went from there. I try to keep the fur babes water (as always- but I am bit more “on it” ) and I try to keep things as dark in the house as possible and pretty much lay low 🙂

it is kind of one of those times I keep really late night hours or really early morning hours- this year it has mostly been the night time thing! I kinda wish it was the morning but.. i don’t ever get to pick lol