31 Days of Summer Day # 11 Summer Drink Recipe


Now you would think with all the proclaiming of loving fruity mixed beverages I would have some awesome drink recipes to share? well.. not so much.. here are a few really common ones but these are the ones I usually go for – I kinda have been off the alcohol with the exception of a little wine and a few wine coolers for a good while now 🙂

Midori Sour-

1 shot Midori Melon Liquor

tons of sours mix

over ice

YUM-O lol. I kinda just use a regular whiskey glass for most of my drinks so I am unsure of exact measurements. I know a shot is usually about 2 oz


I go to olive garden and buy their sangria syrup- the red kind

I buy any kind of table red wine

you use a shot of water, a shot of the syrup and then use wine for the rest (I have a pretty big wine glass lol) then you can throw in fruit and such. there is actually a recipe on the mix as well as i remember. I haven’t had it in a really long time

So those are pretty common but they are the ones I like. I also like Margaritas but only with 1800 tequila – I can’t do house/cheap liquor at all and I hate and detest jose!