31 Days of Summer Day # 12 Staycation plans #verifiedmomBCN


Staycation – isn’t that what I always do? 🙂 I guess a few things that are close that would be a little bit special to go do like going up to the lake where I used to live right up the road and having a picnic and letting david catch rocks (we did this a few times back in the spring and I really liked it- I like picnics if you haven’t figured out that yet lol. I also liked taking pics and just relaxing. It is pretty well too bright out to be using your phone or anything like that so really the only thing I could do was read /listen to my ipod and that was good enough 🙂  Other than that I can’t really think of anything other than going up to the pool/chilling here on the patio which I already wrote about before! We are such home bodies though, I would much rather be out somewhere doing something even if it is cheap or free 🙂