31 Days of Summer Day 15- Summer Music #verifiedmomBCN


I don’t think my music mood really changes with the seasons- but then again last year my end of the year spotify thing where it does the year kinda broke it down by seasons-so I don’t know lol. I think that it was because it had to do with when certain cd’s had came out and that was what I was listening to and why!

I am a very picky person about music in general.. I mean I like a WIDE variety but I don’t really leave any wiggle room for new stuff at all. I think I might be the MOST picky when it comes to country. I like OLD country like Keith Whitley and stuff from the 90’s and early 2000’s but then- I start narrowing it down to like Rascal Flatts, Eric Church, Jason Aldean and .. yeah.. it kinda is limited I cannot name anyone NEWER that I like. David and I were out eating and they were playing country radio a couple weeks back and I was sitting there like WHAT IS THIS CRAP? lol I think I am getting old.

Pretty much the only thing I have been listening to lately is Wake up The wonder by elevation worship and that is to get me in the mood for our concert at time warner cable arena on July 31! that is actually the ONLY CD that has ever been in our car!  If you like music that is of a religous tone but not so traditional you should just look them up and give them a listen. The songs are generally quite upbeat and whatnot.

Speaking of CD’s I am half tempted to SELL the vast majority of mine at the elusive yardsale- which mother and I finally picked a date for and that will be August 8th. Other than the car we don’t even have anything to play a cd in other than the dvd player you know what I mean? I don’t even know the last time i had mine out period and they are just in cases taking up room for no real reason so hmm

Anyways- I know that really didn’t answer the question but then again you know I like to always take my own spin on things!