31 days of summer day # 16 Green Thumb #verifiedmomBCN


I honestly do NOT know if I personally have a green thumb or not! I haven’t really ever had so much as a house plant that was my own! I have pretty much always had a cat since I was married so I don’t like keeping them around , especially with sam because any time that David even gets me a flower he tries to eat them, and we have to keep them in the bathroom with the door shut!

As far as gardening in general we have always had an apartment with no where to really do that sort of thing. Even though at the back of the apartments here there is a community garden – or there was last year with greenhouses and everything- but there is never any information that goes out about using it so I haven’t bothered even though I am interested!

You may remember the post I did for Fresh Preserving store a few weeks back – Gardening is a big thing for most of my family because obviously back in “the day” of you didn’t grow your own and preserve it you didn’t likely have the option to run out to the store for it – unless you lived in a town or city which has never really been where folks in my family lived- we were always far away from these sorts of things.

My grandparents as well as my parents still garden- I personally only will eat tomatoes from the garden 🙂 there are also cucumbers, green beans, cabbage, potatoes and tons of berries just to mention a few things. I honestly have to say that the best meal is just a meal of garden fresh veggies..oh and I left out corn. I love that stuff with tons of butter- but only the kind from the garden 🙂