31 Days of Summer Day # 17 Caption This! #verifiedmomBCN


Well.. I know that no one comments on my posts so there really isn’t any point for me to put a picture up and ask ya’ll to caption it is there ? lol. I don’t really get comments even on instagram, even though I generally do get tons of likes or well by my standard tons would be 5 so yeah 🙂 I actually found this really nifty hashtag thing for instagram (an article) and the gal didn’t have ANY followers she just used various tags and she got tons of followers and likes on her pics in a weeks time! I wish she had a printable version or something.. I am going to have to print that page out as a reference and use it in the future. I know I have got behind not only with these prompts but with my instagram challenge for this month too – granted it had a few repeats! I hope to get it all caught up though 🙂 When I start using it I will let ya’ll know if it works for me with followers/likes and maybe even comments- i know comments slack off even on blog posts anymore- which is fine because some people don’t have anything nice to say and shouldn’t comment lol but they are usually the ones who take the time! I have seriously considered turning off comments and probably will in the future!