31 Days of Summer Day #18 Summer Money Saving #verifiedmomBCN


Oh I am so the wrong person to talk to you about saving money at anytime regardless of the season lol. I mean honestly I did pretty well on my own all those years, and then I got with David and it all went out the window. Well.. that is mainly his doing but ..

yeah ha ha. I don’t know I would just go broad and general and say look for deals on the activities that you want to do..there are lots of things out there you can do with a deep discount and what not if you are just patient and look!

shop at thrift shops/yardsales and that kind of thing. Only buy things that you really NEED and can get lots of use out of when it comes to clothes and appliances and that type of thing!  Use coupons if you can- and find out when they double. Look for clearance sales!

I would also suggest checking pinterest and searching for summer fun on a budget or something like that too because I know I have even saw some facebook groups that have fun and free things for different regions and the seasons and whatnot