31 Days of Summer Day # 4 :Share you favorite BBQ recipe #VerifiedMomBCN


I honestly do NOT grill! I mean sure  David might go up to the grill and grill some steaks or something like that- we actually had a grill when we lived at the old place but here we aren’t allowed to have our own. I used to like to make kabobs with onions and peppers (red, orange and yellow) No green! and either have steak or chicken on them,… We marinated them in soy sauce and some seasonings but even that isn’t really a recipe lol. We kind of do our steaks and burgers the same way, My mom and dad are the same way! I know that I would probably have a recipe for something like a side dish but some of them are family ones and I don’t know that I want to share them 🙂 we have an awesome slaw recipe, pasta salad recipe and potato salad recipe :)Plus ya’ll know I am not really a recipe blogging type of gal either 🙂