31 Days of Summer Day 5 What is one thing on your summer bucket list #verifiedmomBCN


I don’t know that I actually have a summer bucket list! One of my biggest things was to try to get a seasons pass to Carowinds, and since I ended up getting in the carowinds caro blogger program (I am SO going to be writing a post about that as soon as i get caught up on things) I have already got that crossed off, and we have already visited 3 times and went to a concert to boot! I just wanted something for us to do on the summer weekends besides stalking the pool here at the apartment place to get in it when there are rowdy splashy kids – which pretty much only happens at night around 8:30 or so and well.. it sucks to wait ALL DAY to have something to do that really isn’t that exciting to begin with lol. Don’t get me wrong it is very relaxing and I would like to get back into doing it again.. I just wanted us to have something to pass the hot days away that is a bit different than the norm for us 🙂