31 Days of Summer Day #8 3 things you can’t live without during the summer #verifiedmomBCN


Hey Everyone! 3 things that I can’t live without in the summer- I find this question more complex that you would think I would lol. Things keep flying in my head and I am like nah, nah that isn’t good enough think of something else 🙂

1. Air Conditioning/Fan/Cool Place to Hang- Obviously when it is 100 in the shade where else would you want to be other than somewhere with AC or a Fan. Sadly I don’t have a ceiling fan anymore- or a fan in general but am considering getting one because I do like a breeze especially at night time or nap time 🙂 Luckily I do have a working AC though so thats good.

2. Lots of Fluids: this is not only for me personally, but I make sure that the fur babes have fresh water all the time- i mean I do that generally but I am a tad more obsessed with checking and changing this time of the year.  I like cold things like tea, juices and waters. I am generally not a fan of ICEY drinks but this time of the year- especially this year I have became more of a fan of them!! I swear when you realize it hasn’t been this hot in this part of NC for 3 years it makes you change your mind on things lol.

3. Cool Clothes. THE LESS THE BETTER. Now don’t think I am gonna run out in public half naked- I won’t ..I actually don’t have a lot of outside the house clothes that are cool.. but when I am in the house I prob have on a t-shirt and some shorts or a tank top or a nightgown or something and not much else. I always have said i like winter time better.. layers and burrowing are easier than having to be practically naked in my opinon!