31 Days of Summer Days 13 & 14- Freebie Posts :( #verifiedmombcn


I hate to take 2 days in a row as freebie posts.. but as I am behind I need to get caught up! I am back dating this post for Tuesday and Today is THURSDAY and this week just hasn’t been my week blogging wise lol.

Day 13 was for Monday and that was the day that I was all bah humbug and blue- the topic was one of those Day in the life of photo type deals which is something that I have always wanted to do- on a day where I am actually doing something beside being bah humbug.. there is a chance that since this is a post I had thought about doing before it could be something I work on in the future 🙂

Day 14 for tuesday was related to sunrises and sunsets and I had planned to dig up some of my pics of sunrises and sunsets and whatnot but again- I am so behind I need to catch up – there is a possibility of me making this post in the future as well but only after I get caught up 🙂

here is hoping I can not only get all the days in from here on out- maybe i can get a burst and schedule them all up and get ahead.. those are my two modes AHEAD by a ton or BEHIND by a ton lol