31 Days of Summer Fun Day # 10 How do you handle summer boredom with the kids? #verifiedmomBCN


Well I guess this one would be considered to be a freebie post for myself since I only has the fur babes! I don’t remember being bored a lot when I was a child.. I always had friends and we played outside back in the day on the swings and whatever and rode bikes and just did things that kids do. I had one close friend and we played together pretty much every day – if it was a rainy day we were inside doing something another!

I can always remember being into something as a child.. my mom always tried to help me be crafty in some way even though we know I can’t draw a stick person. I remember watching disney movies, going to thrift shops going to work with my mom, reading books and of course staying with my grandparents in virginia.  I guess boredom isn’t something that I ever dealt with very much!  I have always been a person that can be entertained easily and with being an only child I do generally prefer to do something on my own 🙂

If I ever have kids, which of course I Hope I do..I would plan lots of awesome things for us to do. I am sure that pinterest has all kinds of awesome things that would be fun as well.. I think in the age of the internet we are at an advantage that when we are out of ideas, we can find several more 😀