31 Days of Summer Writing Challenge Day 3 :What is your greatest summer memory? #VerifiedMomBCN


Even though Summer is not my favorite season, I think that summer might hold more of a place in my heart than any other!  First of all I spent EVERY summer vacation from the time I was in Kindergarten until 10th grade or so in the middle of nowhere- mountains of virginia 🙂 I am talking 45 minutes to get to the grocery store,etc. We did have a small store at the end of her “Ridge” to pick up snacks and sodas and small things like that. I know that back in that time frame to get to walmart would have been more like a 2 hr adventure because they have just in recent years got one in the two main areas where we would go to shop!

I guess this is not going to be a specific memory post, but more like a reflection because I can’t really isolate one particular memory because they are all great 🙂 I loved spending time there it was always cooler than it was here in N.C and the mountains were so pretty. I got to spend time with not only my grandparents but my great grandma, plenty of cousins and all that good stuff. We went to yardsales and there was always something to do – kind of like now reading books and watching tv – just then I got outside a little more to play with my cousins because I was younger 🙂 OH and of course this is well before there was internet 🙂

I know one year we went to Maryland and I got to see some of our extended family that I don’t usually get to see. I had hoped to get to see more of where my grandma used to live and stuff but we never really had time to get to do that. I wanted to see the 3 story house that they all used to live in back in the day!

Used to be the 4th of july was big thing for me because I generally came home around that time and I generally got to spend time with my cousin Parker because I would ride home with them while they were on their way down here to visit 🙂

Another happy summer memory Is that David and I got married in the summer 🙂 It was hot- my cake had started to lean and I was in a 4 layered dress basically!

I guess even though I hate the heat and whatnot summer generally has been a happy time for me.. with a couple of exceptions- one is my big drama from 3 years ago that I do NOT talk about and thankfully it is over and the 2nd is that My great grandma died on July 6th 2010.