31 Days of Summer Writing Challenge Day 6:Travel Plans/Virtual Vacation #verifiedmomBCN


So far I do NOT have any travel plans for this summer. I did have some that were part of a review but I think that review fell through for reasons that I am not totally sure of 🙁 Hopefully I might be wrong on that one

Other than that I would like to take a trip up to Boone/Blowing Rock/Blue Ridge parkway- I haven’t went in probably close to 3 years or so! I cannot believe it has been that long but as you well know that is something I have been wanting to go for a while but we never quite make it for some reason.

Another thing is I would like a trip to my grandmas since her foot is better and it would just be me and David and we could go around yardsaling with her and to the store and what not 🙂 I just hate the trip or the thought of the trip.. after we get down the road/ there I am fine. Stupid travel anxiety!

I guess we’ll see if any of this pans out.. If it doesn’t thats o.k too … 🙂