hey! sorry I went so long with out updating but i’ve been distracted as usual lol.

I had a yardsale on saturday. only made 40 bucks.. eh that sucked. when i have another I will make the trip to my grandmas to have it. i made 225 when i had it last year. she made 175 the same day!…and she just had another 300 day! so definantly worth the trip

sunday i went out with david in his truck. we went out and ate some longhorn… that was pretty nice. i really needed to get out.

monday tuesday and today arent really anything to speak of. i have been laying out trying to get a tan. ha ha ..

thanks for all the comments on my video blog. I will probably do another. and i finally got all my pics up on flickr.

more latter


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    I am sorry you didn’t have a successful sale like you wanted. It’s really all about luck. My mom used to have one every year. Some years she’d make $500 and some years she’d make $50. It all depended on who stopped by and if something struck them.