well this site has def. slowed down lately. I really liked the video posting but I must have abused it and its lost its appeal to everyone apparently!

I have been slacking (and what else is new there right? lol) about updating, not for any particular reason. I have had a very bad headache behind my eyes since saturday that has just now started to get better.

another thing is its summer so I can’t sleep worth a crap! I do good as long as my ceiling fan on medium, but when i do david acts like he is freezing to death..

the brat from hell sittuation continues. I can’t win for loosing. for some reason my mom gave me the money from yesterday, but i think that its just because she felt guilty about taking last weeks.

everything is pretty quiet around here since my cousin went home.

I am planning to buy the Nokia 7370 L’amour phone from terri at http://terri.nu. she had it advertised on lavish, and I happened to stop in and fall in love with it. my only real thing is my mom and her cell phone drama.

see the phone is unlocked so i can use it on att or tmobile (and a few others) I have Att, but we aren’t under a contract anymore, and they called and wanted my mom to pay an extra 10 bucks a month (which she wont do) so I could possibly loose service at anytime. if i do, i will prob buy a cheap tmobile phone to get the card, and then go from there.

its very complicated my mom cannot make up her mind about doing something for her phone sittuation…

k more lates


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    Your mom *should* feel bad about taking the money that *you* earned. Unless it’s part of the rent that you and David are paying to your parents for letting you two stay there. If not, she shouldn’t have had it in the first place, unless it was to just give the full amount to you.

    Hope the phone situation works out. 🙂 Even if you’re not under contract for a set rate, they’re not supposed to change prepaid rates on you like that. I’d give them a call and mention how many years you’d been a customer and how you’ve never had a late payment and all other good things you’ve done since being a customer. You can probably talk them down.

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    Don’t worry about the blog posts slowing down. It happens to everyone at some point or another to some extent or another.

    I really hope that you get your phone and everything works out. I agree with Michelle – try calling and seeing if you can work something out! It can’t hurt.