do you know what they are? leave a comment with your guess!

today sucked. its all dreary outside, and i cannot wake up to save my life. i finally took a shower and washed my hair to try to wake up and the sun has been out ever since! so now i can’t layout today! ugh!!

I am supposed to be having a yardsale the first weekend in august. now my moms talking about having it next weekend. i’m like ok make up your mind woman. seriously.
she is a little bit on my nerves the last couple of days…

really excited about my phone..not sure what my mom is going to do but eh… she’s been running her mouth over the phone sittuation since january and cant make up her mind.. so i’m sick of it. i”ll figure it out on my own.

i am sick of drinking cola!seriously i think it tastes like ..ick! my mom made some koolaide but she is scared of sugar or something so i’m going to have to put some more in it..
actually i’ll probably go buy some juice or something.

ok more latter!


  1. says

    At first glance I thought colored sanitary napkins. I’m probably wrong, though.

    I hope that the phone situation works out.

    I don’t like cola either. I drink water over it anyday.

  2. says

    Cloth pads. 😀

    Saw those on your Flickr earlier. What material did you use for the outside and the inside?

    Get those drink crystals for iced tea, so heavenly if you can’t get the ‘good’ stuff. Although I mostly just drink water these days 🙂