caitlin and michelle are right they are cloth pads!
they are made out of flannel fabrics and filled with fiberfill, and a few are filled with thicker material
can’t wait to try them out.
I have noticed that everytime i wear a regular pad i get extremely itchy! (TMI???) so my mom came up with this idea as an alternative..she used to use these kind when she was younger.

actually it is a very trendy thing right now. found many patterns and information searching online. interesting!

david sold his truck yesterday. wasn’t even on craigslist 10 min and already had 2 calls and then it sold. we had a little bit of drama, because he left his whole entire set of keys in it, and we couldnt get a hold of the guy to get them back
the guy ended up leaving them at a gas station up the road and called us and told us they were there so we could pick them up.

tomorrow i get to order my nokia 7370 from terri! as long as david doesn’t go back on his promise…he’s trying to say he’ll take it out of the 160 he owes me. not happening and actually he owes me 260 sooo…

ok i’m out for now..more latter..


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    Wow, I can’t believe I was right. They’re good for the environment, too. Washing and reusing them isn’t as wasteful as buying them and tossing them. Yay!

    Yay for the phone!

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    It’s trendy now because people are all getting environmentally friendly and “green”. 🙂 Awesome job on them. I’ve been considering them, but I’m really waiting until I move out on my own to use stuff like that. Everyone’s far too nosy in my house.

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    Cute pads! They’re definitely better for the environment, and they’re cute, too! Since I use cloth diapers most of the time on my son, and when our dog uses a pee pad it’s a cloth one, I’ve given some thought to cloth pads for myself… except that I *love* having everything contained with a tampon. I really should try out the cup one of these days…