I have TRIED & TRIED to get a video update… first off i always have to make a few because i have to get them right, but this time the format was messed up, youtube and flock didnt want to get along..and now i got one up on youtube but it only wants to show the first 1min 15 secs. so i give up. plus the webcam video quality isn’t that great…oy i give up. when i can get my fujifilm charged up i’ll make a proper video update.

I am leaving early in the morning to go to my grandparents in virginia and I will be back tomorrow night. i had fully intended to get around and comment everyone b4 i left but now i’m pretty sure i won’t make it. don’t fret i’ll get by on friday or saturday 🙂

Anyways, i’ve been working on a part of the secret project yesterday and today gonna try to get a little bit of it done here in a few.

got to get in the bed early…got to get up early.. you get the picture. i’ll prob catch ya sometime tomorrow evening. i might be online in the car with the netbook. so we’ll see

talk to ya lates