right now i’m watching days of our lives & waiting on my mom and dad to bring me a new kitchen table. mine that i have right now is their round “card” table…its a bit wobbly and everytime sam hops on it i cringe and worry it will hit the floor …long story short my mom is giving me this table she was using for her computer desk. and she is bringing me a shelf that she had in her sitting room to put in my laundry room.

my yardsale went well! i was going to have one this weekend here at my house, but my mom and dad have to go out of town, so i’ll prob just wait till next weekend if the weather is good.

david had to gallivant off to his dads for some reason unknown to me. oh well. whatevs.

i have the most intense craving for fudge…don’t know why.. it is driving me nuts though!!

yesterday i delt with a flooding house all day because of my washer! the hose wasn’t on right and …oyy what fun was had by all lol.

my mom and dad were supposed to have done been here and gone by now so i dont know where they are! i wish they’d hurry i’d like to take a bubble bath!

more latter


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    It’s always nice to have our parents there when we need them and to give us stuff. Haha. I’ve had candy and sweets cravings for the past few days now. Good luck with your next yardsale!