A title would be good..Troll Fodder?

Hey Everyone!

Well I sure was “Troll Fodder” yesterday wasn’t I? Oh Well! Not everyone is gonna like everything or in some cases apparently they don’t like ANYTHING I have to say, even though they don’t know the details ..or they misinterpret them? Anyways, I will try to pick up the pieces and move on I guess lol. I decided to break my 18 hrs of sleep I get every day and blog! If you didn’t get the sarcasm on that … lol I would be lucky to get 8hrs of sleep pieced together in a days time let alone 18.. you can tell when people don’t read .. how many times do you see me talk about insomnia? yah…

Today I am straightening up around the house a little bit and trying to find a few things I have misplaced including my purse organizer that my mom made me a while back and my favorite bra! I am laughing so much about the Bra because I just wore it on Saturday when we went to target and there is only so many places that it could be and so far I haven’t had any luck. Hopefully it will turn up and didn’t get mixed into the bag of junk we threw out that wasn’t really good enough for the yardsale! I already had my mom check the yardsale stuff we took over to her house and she hasn’t found it yet either!

I think we might end up riding up with my parents to my grandparents if they are in fact going to come back saturday evening like we had planned to do. I would just have her pick Marley and Me up sometime in the afternoon on Friday and then we would just leave from there. I might see if My friend Robyn who lives in town would want to come over sometime in the day saturday to check on Sam, but really we have left him for a couple of days before with no worries. Love how cats can take care of themselves 🙂 Just leave an extra bowl of food and water and they do the rest!

I just found out my Friend (ex-bf) Jason is moving pretty far away and I am a bit sad about it. I Have known him for 10 years and we have always been the bestest of friends no matter what…We kind of haven’t been doing a good job of talking to each other in the last few months and he used to come hang out every now and then but it has been well over a year since we did so.I might have to see if we can see each other for lunch or something before he is gone, but I don’t know. I haven’t really ever had to say goodbye like that to a friend!

Well, I am gonna go for now. Gonna see what I get into , grab some coffee and .. well you never know with me!


  1. Nichole says

    no more pathetic than that of someone who has nothing else to do but leave stupid comments on someones blog 24/7…