Sunny & Bright & All is Right? :)

Howdy Everyone!

I am up and going bright and early this morning because.. .. IT IS ACTUALLY SUNNY AND BRIGHT 🙂  Also, they are supposed to be coming by today with those cheap air filters for our apartments and even though I was on the list of folks that do not need those, because hello asthma and a cheap filter they change twice a year is a nightmare… but since we have new twits in the office I figure they will show up .. and I am right there is one sitting by my door right now when I had to take Marley out just now so.. yeah… I figure it won’t be long now lol. I would love to buy a washable filter but that hasn’t been something we have managed to be able to get just yet.. but something we have actually been considering since before we moved. Over at the old place we would have had to have had two because we actually had 2 air drawbacks.

Anyways I have already washed a load of clothes, folded a load of towels, washed a load of dishes , done a tuesday 10 post, watched some t.v and took Marley out. Really the only thing left is to start something for dinner and make the bed- which I am not doing until I at least have the option to take a nap. For some reason yesterday afternoon around 3 I started getting a weird headache.. I took advil and it wouldn’t shake it so I used a cold rice pack on my neck, took a shower, etc and it just kind of came and went.

I finally just got in a bubble bath and drank some tea and spent some time relaxing while reading in bed but I still am having a little bit of it this morning. I think it might be allergies/all the rain we have had/who knows! Hopefully I can shake it soon!  Nausea is something I tend to have a lot of but headaches that are more than just a twinge usually aren’t a thing with me- except if its extremely hot, which it hasn’t been so.. yeah it can just go right on away at any time lol

It feels good to have got my review done, I just need to keep up the trend. I have some awesome things coming up this year but they are mostly all trips. I seriously miss the excitement of getting something in the mail but seemingly I can’t seem to come up with anything to pitch for that I can get a yes for! I know I will start having things pick up but I am a little anxious. There was one “trip” I really wanted and one item but I never heard back on the “trip” and the item was a “no” so I am back to square one I suppose. It seems like reviews are honestly down when it comes to items .. and usually for me in the spring that is something that is perking up so.. I hope I might just be experiencing a case of pitching a little bit before my season!

Actually coming up this year are: Biltmore House Tour, Aquarium Visit, Wilderness at the smokies (again- later this summer/fall) and a really awesome goodie I am waiting on for October that I am keeping a secret 🙂 I also have a gal who makes handmade soaps and stuff that I will be working with soon too.

It feels so strange to have most of what I need to get done today already done! that means I will get to have a fun time and get some random stuff done maybe?  Marley wasn’t feeling good when I brought her back in while ago which was weird because generally if she doesn’t feel well and we are out she will eat grass/throw up outside so it must have been a sudden thing. Thankfully though she was at the edge of the carpet/tile and I got her to throw up on the tile so it would be easier to clean! We do have a spot bot but I haven’t ever used it by myself lol. I usually just use some shout and try to wipe it up but I am out of shout!

Well – I am gonna go see what I can get into and wait on these crazy people to knock on my door about this filter I don’t need. They had said something about doing something in the utility closet which I am not exactly feeling either because I have this cabinet that my grandma gave me there. I have had it for a looong time and when we moved last year David/Dad (likely David) let it fall when getting in the truck and it kind of broke and even though it has been fixed it’s kind of a bit fragile.. plus it is a pain to get it level and keep it that way so the doors stay shut.. so I would prefer to NOT have to move it!

more later gators..