always an appointment right?

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Hey Everyone!

Well.. At least last week got a bit better, especially with my mom! I was beginning to wonder! I had talked to her Friday morning and she was still acting weird to me and I was honestly SO over it at that point. I was considering sending her a message on Facebook to tell her when she was over what ever her issue with me was she could contact me.. but in the mean time she called and asked me to go to the library (I had been wanting to get a library card since I haven’t had one since oh.. 2007 or so when David and I used to not have the internet and we went to the library to use it!) Anyways I couldn’t go because I had told David to come home at lunch and I would make him some food. Well she was DETERMINED to go at 11:30 so I was like yeah, I can’t go until at least 12:30 or so.

David came home at lunch but he was running behind and it was probably 12:45 when he left to go back to work. Well my mom calls and said she never did make it to the library yet and did I want to go? I was like sure alright. We ended up going to Habitat store and I got a really nice jewelry box that matches all my pink/green/flower theme I have going on and a few other random things. We also stopped back by the thrift shop by the vape shop and I got two more outfits – I like these tons more than the ones I originally got.. I have a pink and green one (YAY) and a blue and white one.

The weekend was pretty BLAH honestly- we didn’t really have the gas money to get out and do anything. We did go to church Saturday evening. Our church is doing love week which is this HUGE volunteer week.. I wanted to get involved and had thought about volunteering at the christian ministries up the road at some point but I would have to take david to work OR get my mom to take me so I wasn’t really sure I would be able to… but after each church service you could go straight outside and volunteer for Servants with A Heart and get a Love week shirt. I will probably write more about that later on but lets just say some people were a bit too knit picky.. plus I had a little kid helping me and David did too and .. yeah no one is perfect!

Yesterday was THE LONGEST DAY EVER. We didn’t get into ANYTHING because like I say we didn’t have the funds really.

Today I have to go pay my deposit and sign some papers at the lawyers office at 3- remind me WHY I didn’t get this appt earlier in the day? I am so used to getting late appointments so David can go and he doesn’t even have to go to this one lol Actually there are 4 meetings for this but then theres one with the court that is a video conference.. I don’t need him until the last 2 meetings and they won’t be very long so thats good. I might be able to get the one really late one evening so thats great too 🙂

I prob won’t get a lot done this morning but I hope to get a few things done this afternoon/evening when I get back.. I need my mom to take me by walmart for a couple things.. I am hoping for a paid post so we can go to the grocery store.. I would ask my mom to help me out but she is paying my lawyer thing so.. I will get it taken care of some how 🙂

Well I am off of here to throw some clothes on , eat lunch and take Miss M out and then it will be time to head out more than likely!