Hey there everyone!! I am fighting off some evil cold…apparently that might be while i was so weak last week!
That and an Kidney Infection whoa I am a LUCKY GIRL lol 🙂

I am trying to make the best of it and enjoy some time just laying on the couch and watching tv! I know you probably think I do that quite offten, but usually i’m running around cleaning and fiddling with something another!!

The weekend was pretty dull… Saturday we went over to david’s moms (she just happened to get an apartment right at the apt. place right beside where his dad just had to leave a week latter!) I was pretty bored and we didn’t stay too awlful long! We actually brought his brother back with us (le sigh) and played some on the wii (Golf & Bowling) I ended up going to bed early, because I had been awake since like 4 a/m (forgot to take my valerian root friday night)

Yesterday I went over to my parents, and didn’t really do a whole lot. I felt too blah. Mom & I played alot of rummy though ha ha. I am so good at that game!

I am planning to join in the neighborhood yardsale tihs weekend over there. My parents won’t be home so that sucks, because david will be whining by like 11 lol. Money is money though. I just have to try to get over to moms and clean out some of my things over there

ok this was boring post. i know lol. I need to go nap a little, make dinner and finish up a few things!