a bigger tv? why not? :)


Yesterday was one of the most productive days that I have had in… FOREVER. I stayed up after david left for work. I posted reviews at grits…(oh.. I still haven’t managed to finish that review i was working on lol)

I went back to sleep from about 8-10:30 and got up and mossied around as usual watching tv & eating lunch. Then I took a little trip upstairs to my closet and started a clean up and put away job of some clothes. I got it far from finished but at least I tried and made it look a little bit better!

I Had plans to start working on some classes I have to take last night but David called me and said he was wondering if it was ok if he sold our 32 inch tv to a guy at work and go get one we had seen at target on clearance that was 42inches..well he got a REALLY good price for the TV and we didn’t have to really put any with it so I was fine with it. So I postponed my class AGAIN.

I Still don’t know what the weekend holds. With all the family drama and such.. who the devil knows?

I don’t know what i’ll manage to get into today, but hopefully something interesting 🙂

More later


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    I would *love* to have a bigger TV. Right now we only have what *might* be a 19-inch TV. :/ We’re looking to get a flat-screen when all our house drama is over though, and that will be much bigger!