a busy week,nice people online,moving?

Hello There!
This week has been a little busy for me, which is cool. Not an overwhelming busy, but I have had things to do. I Have been enjoying it! I am having the sleeping troubles from hell again though πŸ™ last night went to bed at 12:15 and it was after 2 before I ever was asleep! I did sleep well a few nights when it was cooler and rainy
which I am LOVING! It is raining and about 58 right now!

Before I get any further I just want to say I LOVE JENN!! I mean, I have always loved her, and when she was in n.c for Type A Mom this weekend, we might would have been able to meet up if i’d have thought about her being at the Charlotte airport lol.(nichole had very blonde moment)

Anyways,I am trying to buy some dvd sets, and my mom is paying me back for the majority of the cost. (complete wonder years series and season 2&3 of american dreams)

They are 47 total and I have 50 in my paypal. which would cover it, of course. However, I joined a Product Review group that is $4 a month (i joined to try it out) Therefore, until my deposit clears and transfers it made me a dollar short! Jenn paypaled me $2!! I am so thankful.

I also have to say thanks to Kitty, because she also offered πŸ™‚ you all are too sweet!! I hope maybe someday I can return the favor πŸ™‚

I made my own twitter background this week. I took a picture of my placemats that my mom made me this weekend since they were fallish! this is what it ended up looking like:// i’m too lazy to screen cap twitter. just visit it at http://twitter.com/xxpollypocket πŸ™‚

Nicole got my Autumn-Rain email set up as well, and I got it set up on my phone as well πŸ™‚ so email me at nichole@autumn-rain if you want lol

I have also been helping Amanda out with Review Central. I actually need to get over there and post 2 reviews in a few minutes when I am through here.

The 30 Day meme is coming along, but i’m really not sure how i’m gonna do a pic for today’s entry. I might just do some text!

I started writing for Eden Cafe’ and one of my Articles was published last week. It is about body image, if you want to read it click here!

I finished my Vaginal Balls review last night for Eden Fantasys. If you wanna read it…click here. I don’t plan to post my eden fantasys reviews here for a while, because I am posting so many other ones πŸ™‚

I put up a upcoming reviews page, if you wanna know what is upcoming check it out. (and yes, i did spell that wrong on sidebar. will fix)

Now, for my maybe big news. David went by our old apartments yesterday.Our actual old apartment isn’t available, but the one across and over from ours is available! the rent would be 50 more a month but seriously I do believe it would be worth it. plus betty would probably work something out with us.

we might even end up with a free months rent which would be nice to go to the grocery store and stock up and get a few things we need! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to live over there again. It is in town. I had a walk in pantry. I had a closet that went clear under my stairs. I had an UPSTAIRS. I had a walk in closet in my room, plus a closet that was for linens that I used for books & dvd’s. there was no train. no loud ghetto neighbor who has a car that vroom vrooms 24/7. I would be able to enroll at the Community College to take yoga on fridays from 8-1030 come january!

I do not look forward to packing though. and i’m sure my parents will NOT be wanting to move this furniture.meh. we will see!

well i’m gonna end for now. try to comment you all and such this evening… gonna go nap for a while now :).

more later,of course