A cold on the way? No coffee… Yikes!

Well it’s monday! I have been having a bad earache most of the weekend, and now I feel a cold coming on PLUS MY PERIOD is trying to arrive. Just in time for christmas and travel too! WHEE. NOT!

Plus, it’s dark, cool, and dreary and i’m out of coffee (still)…It’s a fun time to me right? I can’t complain too much about the cold, as I haven’t gotten one this whole fall/winter yet, and usually I have had 2 or 3 by now!

I didn’t go to class thursday night. I am trying to get my mom to take me to the morning one tomorrow from 10-12 that way I could go thursday night or saturday day and be done. I really do hate going at night…It’s a pain in the tush! and it makes finding something quick and easy and quick to eat for dinner even more fun!

Friday night I ended up getting burnt on david’s cigar while we were at his dad’s . I wasn’t paying attention to him smoking and he nudged me and instinctively I went to nudge him back and managed to get my hand on the cigar! We also burnt his dad’s couch. Meh. At least it wasn’t worse!

Saturday we went to Olive Garden. We usually eat there around our anniversary and christmas, so we continued the tradition. I tied their minestrone soup, but apparently it had cilantro in it, because to me it flat out tasted like soap!Oh, and they brought david the wrong thing after we waited forever. Usually, I am the order that gets screwed up, so that was a change. I don’t know why they were so slow and such that day! Usually at least when we go to olive garden we don’t have any problems!

Yesterday we went to my mom and dads. First time I have been there since thanksgiving! We both got haircuts. I haven’t managed to straighten mine yet..so I hope I didn’t get it to short! Anything would be better than it was!

Oh, and I had to have texts blocked on my phone due to being bombarded with texts that are not for me PLUS a million annoying calls since friday…I have my iphone on DND mode where only contacts that are in my phone ring .. GRR annyoing. I have had this # for 3 years!
well, I just wanted to write a few lines and let ya know what has been going on!
more latter of course!